Thursday, 29 April 2010

Persistence pays off

Thursday 29th April 2010

Did my usual walk near Caldecote Hall. The 4 Wheatear were still there on the fence posts near the river and a few Linnets on the hedgerows. I walked on north past the usual viewing points to check as many hedges as possible. I walked for about a mile but only saw Yellow wagtails, Lapwing and Skylark. On the way back a couple of Whitethroats caught my eye and something else perched on top of the weeds very upright. It was a chat of some description but was it what I was particularly looking for? It flew for some way but finally perched on a hedge much closer to me - a female Whinchat. (146) Outstanding!
When I reached the bridge over the river Anker on the way back I stopped to have a chat to a couple of fellas with binoculars. They weren't birders, just out for a walk and taking an interest in what was about. As we looked into the water a large Chub was visible and many small fish. After the recent pollution it was a relief to know that the fish stock hadn't been totally wiped out.
I went back to town after phoning in the sighting. After sorting out a few things, I needed to buy some Gobi Aloo Saag to go with our Thursday night post brewery curry. As I approached the Asda car park I saw a Red Kite (147) circling above Nuneaton Railway station which is next to the car park. Unbelievable. Was I in India? The bird must have seen something as it continued to circle for some time before slowly drifting off West. Quite a day, seeing two great birds so locally and it wasnt even coffee time.

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