Monday, 26 April 2010

It happened again

Northern Wheatear, Caldecote Warks.

Northern Wheatear, Caldecote Warks

Northern Wheatear
Monday 26th April 2010

I've been visiting an area not far from where I live which has a good deal of potential for attracting migrants. Its an area of flood meadow on the river Anker near Caldecote Hall. As I arrived at my usual viewing point I immediately saw a wagtail on the short grass. It had a dark head, Much darker than the Kingsbury bird, more a bluey grey. No sooner had I seen the bird I had to walk away as 2 ladies with dogs were heading my way and the bird was quite near the path and I didnt want it flushed. Luckily the dogs stayed on the path and the bird was undisturbed. I walked with the ladies, well you've got to be friendly, and obviously impressed them with my in depth knowledge of Western Palearctic Yellow wagtail sub-species. Actually I needed to get back to my car for my camera as I was determined to have some sort of record of this unusual wagtail. Needless to say when I returned there was no sign of the wagtail. Twice I'd found a Blue headed type wagtail and twice I would probably be the only observer with no evidence of their existence.
Moving on to Grendon Common I saw my first Garden warbler (144) of the year. After lunch I went back to Caldecote, where I was joined by Adam Archer. We had a good look round the area, there were now 5 Northern Wheatears on posts and in the Bean fields and several Yellow wagtails but again no sign of the 'Blue head'.

Total number of species reported in Warks. so far in 2010 = 169

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