Monday, 12 April 2010

If the birds wont come to me........

Ring Ouzel - Beacon Hill, Leics.

Ring Ouzel

Ring Ouzel

Monday 12th April 2010

Been trying to keep off the beaten track over the last few days. While Ive managed to keep away from the great hoards I've also been successful in avoiding birds. I think a Common Sandpiper at Alvecote was the best I could come up with. Believe me I've been greatly tempted to go out of County for Hoopoe, Tree pipit and Ring Ouzel but I'll keep looking for that North Warks. Redstart.
Tuesday 13th April 2010

After a quick and fruitless walk around Merevale I finally gave into temptation and decided I needed a refresher course on what a Ring Ouzel looked like. I was loosing faith in ever finding one in Warks. If they weren't turning up at Napton they probably wouldn't be found at all. I dont doubt there are Ring Ouzel even now on some unwatched hillside in South Warks but we'll never know. With the price of fuel continueing to rise it will take something a bit special for me to visit the deep south. So off to my second county, Leicestershire, home of Pork pies and good Rugby. Indeed it was only a short drive to Beacon Hill. It was again a very pleasant day and as the info on the pager was very accurate it wasnt too difficult to locate the field and indeed the bird which was feeding about 60 metres away. I took a few snaps and then had a wander. I was looking for Tree pipits but only found a few Meadow pipits.


  1. Great pics Bob. I've been keeping an eye on Napton for the last week or so but nowt Ouzel like as yet. Back to work tomorrow, so one's bound to turn up!!

    Mark Phillips

  2. Nice shots Bob,the Tree Pipits were near the summit of the hill by the trig point!