Friday, 3 September 2010

New bird in the Bushes

Spotted Flycatcher, near Caldecote

Spotted Flycatcher

Reed warbler

Reed warbler

Common Redstart

Thursday 2nd September 2010

With limited time today it was a quick look round the 'Caldecote bushes'. Yesterday's Common Redstart was still present and the Reed warblers were also still there. What was surprising was that the Reed warblers were still feeding young. I had assumed that the 2 birds I saw the other day were migrating, being well away from 'normal' Reed warbler habitat. Does this species migrate as family or part family groups or had they just moved away from some local breeding area alongside a canal or small pond for some reason?
While I was watching the Redstart a Spotted Flycatcher suddenly appeared in the same Hawthorn bush. Another first for me in what is becoming a miniture migration hotspot.

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  1. Hi Bob, it's really interesting reading about what you're seeing down at the Caldecote area, it's where I did a lot of my birding when i was younger with dad. I remember when Buzzard was rare in the area! We also had a whinchat down that way once too (between the stables and the railway bridge along a field margin)! Andy