Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Tales of the Water Park

Tuesday 28th Sept. 2010

With migration getting into full swing and lots of goodies turning up on the East coast. I thought I'd opt for the peace and tranquility of North Warwickshire. It was a pretty dull overcast day and didnt inspire much confidence in finding any interesting birds. I tried most of my the usual haunts between Nuneaton and Fisher's mill but it was just flat for want of a better word. I think Willow tit(Broomey Croft), Goldcrest(Legion Wood), and Grey Wagtail(Shustoke) were the best I could come up with. Peace and quiet is all very well but there is a limit.

Anyway I have a bit of a tale to tell. In an ironic twist of fate an incident ocurred at Kingsbury involving an untethered dog and a lady riding a a bicycle around Canal pool. The fact that both the riding of dogs and bicycles not on leads are strictly prohibited in the Nature reserve gives rise to the irony. To continue, there was, shall we say a coming together. The net result of which led to the women being thrown into the pool. Fortunately, the commotion aroused an assistant warden( an endangered species in these parts) from his hibernation under a nearby hide. However, the warden was unable to help until he had put on his waterproof gloves, wellies with steel toe caps, high visability jacket and ear protectors. He still wasnt happy as he'd just been on a health and safety course and both the colour of the water and its slightly fishy smell were outside acceptable limits. Anyway the warden and the women cyclist lived to tell the tale and the dog was told he was a naughty boy in a firm voice. This tale was inspired by actual events.

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