Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Visit to the Little Pond

Northern Wheatear, Shustoke Res.

Northern Wheatear

Wednesday 28th Sept. 2010

Visited Shustoke Res.(Little Pond) as opposed to (Big Pond) Draycote Water today. Birding time was limited to having a quick shuffty at somewhere in the Tame valley and I was on route when I got a call from Steve Cawthray saying there were a number of Little gulls at Shustoke. I joined Steve to watch the 8 Little gulls (2Adults and 6 1w). We were joined by Steve Haynes and speculated on what other pelagic species might appear in the increasingly heavy rain. In the event we didnt see any pelagic birds but were joined by a rather bedraggled and confiding Northern Wheatear. For once I didn't have my trusty 40D to hand to record the Wheatear. Steve suggested using a camera with his scope. A technique, I must admit I'd never used before and amazingly it worked, at least a better than nothing image with a strangely mystical quality. I cant remember which scope I used but as I would need an hydraulic lift to get anywhere near Steve H's eyepiece it was probably Steve C's.

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