Thursday, 17 March 2011

Another day another Woodcock

Chiffchaff, first of the year for me and one of four birds at Coton

Rather distant image of Spotted Redshank at Drayton Bassett pools. A far more elegant bird than the usual Common Redshanks. An excellent find for Julian Allen. Also on site were a pair of Little ringed Plover and a Dunlin.

I think I have a suspicious mind but is this weed or weeds, discarded at Coton.

What ever it is I go for a natural high and seeing a beautiful bird like a Spotted Redshank does it for me every time.
Thursday 17th March 2011
It seems to be a Woodcock year for me as they seem to pop up, quite literally everywhere. Today it was on the Piccadilly mounds near Kingsbury. Drew a complete blank at several other places before seeing up to four Chiffchaffs and a pair of Marsh tits at Coton pools. I eventually followed up Tom's message about the Spotted Redshank at Drayton Basett and teamed up with Steve's Cawthray and Haynes briefly to view the bird.

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