Sunday, 20 March 2011

Keep the Faith

Bullfinch, Ladywalk N.R.

Skylark, Caldecote

Industrial landscape of North Warwickshire

Sunday 20th March 2011

Pretty depressing weekend. Sport wise it was a disaster. OK we know professional Sport isnt in the real world, particularly in relation to things that are happening right now in North Africa and Japan but a bit of escapism can provide some relief. Not if you support The Aston Villa FC, and England RU team that is -a double whammy of lack of purpose, leadership etc. etc.
Not to trivialise the devastation in Japan but I took a photo of the spread of warehousing in the Baddesley/Dordon area of North Warwickshire which reminded me of a tidal wave with all its flotsam spreading out over the countryside consuming land as it goes.

On a more positive note did get a new bird on my 800 list while dog walking this morning. Saw 2 pairs of Yellowhammers in hedges near where I live which is encouraging. The 800 list is birds seen within 800 metres of where I live. I dont actually have such a list but if the price of petrol keeps going up I may have to start one, or a 1 mile list or 5 mile list depending on how fit or not I'm feeling.

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