Saturday, 3 January 2009

Back to Basics

Saturday 3rd January

I was in a good mood to start with, having just bought a Niger feeder for a song on Nuneaton market. The bloke knocked a pound off for no reason, he must have been in a good mood too or was just going with the flow. It was catching, the nice lady from WHSmiths knocked a pound off my 2009 bird watching note book. So in positive mood I set off for the Tame valley. Coton was rather misty and most of the ducks were distant so I didnt give it long. A walk through the water Park and along the canal to Fishers Mill and beyond was called for. It wasnt long before the walk produced a number of interesting species: Hen Harrier, Green Woodpecker, Common Snipe, Little Egret, Short eared Owl, Barn Owl and Grey Wagtail, who said Warwickshire birding was boring?

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