Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Draycote Water revisited

Tuesday 6th January 2009
Popped in to Brandon Marsh, very well organised place, impressed with the Robins obviously trained to show you around. Then on to Draycote Water to see what it was like without people. I've nothing against people you understand - some of my best friends are people but Draycote can get distinctly overcrowded. However today was perfect good birds and some nice people. The birds include Red throated Diver, Great northern Diver (3), Smew, Shag(2), Red necked Grebe and Yellow legged Gull. The nice people were Dave Hutton, Keith Warmington, Mrs Keith Warmington, John Liggins and Ron Thomas
PS Did you know you cant buy petrol from Morrisons if your car door is open? I dont know if its to do with 'elf and safety or to stop you doing a runner and as if that wasnt enough they expect u to make decisions about whether to pay at the pump or at the kiosk. Keep it simple I say.

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