Monday, 9 March 2009

Bad hair day

Monday 9th March 2009

Well, what a todo today! I couldnt resist going for third helpings of our local Waxwings and what happens ? The local press turn up. So whats the big deal, clearly a quiet news day in Nuneaton on Anker. So lets take a some photos of a few people standing on a grass verge next to the A444. That'll fill a micro column. The few get fewer as a couple of blokes melt into the background and are lost to view as the photographer approaches. I feel a bit of a prat as I stand there in the forefront, camera in hand, hair all over the place, being photographed for just being there. Do I smile, look up in the trees, look totally disinterested? I'm just not used to the Celeb culture. Why should they be interested in somebody who isnt drunk and disorderly? One of the reasons I became a birdwatcher was that it was something I could do without having to worry about what I looked like - and now this.
Apologies for yet more images of Waxwings but at least these are locally sourced.


  1. Hi Bob nice pics!! should have warned you the press were on the way!! I'd been tipped off ah well enjoy ur moment of fame in the local rag!!!

  2. You have nothing to worry about with your film star looks. Well Lassie was a film star!