Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Rule Britannia

Wednesday 11th March 200
Whats the connection between Waxwings and Pork pies? Nothing really except they both conspired to make the day a little more interesting.
Havent managed any 'real' birding this week yet but visited the Waxwings again. Its amazing how Waxwings can bring people together. In fact, 'Its been emotional,' I've met people I haven't seen for years, I've met people who live next to me I never knew had the slightest interest in birds and Ive met people who are always there.

Anyway about this Pork pie or should I say Game pie. It all started when Jan decided our rear entrance needed tarting up. She bought a Wrought iron mat thing from a mega garden centre at Stapleton near Hinckley. Well it may have looked pretty but it was pretty useless as well. It fell to bits just looking at it let alone threatening it with a pair of dirty wellies. Anyway as I didnt have much to do between getting checked over at the George Eliot and dismantling a garden shed I suggested taking it back. It was while I was at the garden centre that I couldn't resist buying a Poachers Game pie for my lunch. It ticked all the boxes: Made in Leicestershire, bought in Leicestershire and soon as I got home.

Now I'm not trying to muscle in on the established Pie Blogs of varying repute but for me, a self confessed devotee of the Pork pie there is something rather English about Bird watching and eating Pork or Game pies.

New Moth for garden tonight - Common Quaker


  1. You'd get on well with my old man - he's partial to a bit of Dickinson & Morris.

  2. Brockleby's make some bloody nice pies Bob. Their Moroccan Lamb and Apricot is fantastic... needs to be warm though. Funnily enough I was in Loughborough yesterday and saw their stall at the Farmers Market. I was tempted I can tell you.