Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Basic instincts

Tuesday 24th March 2009

The venue for todays Birding adventure was based on the old tried and tested methods combining the latest technology and instinct based on years of experience. An holistic approach whatever that means. So I looks at me pager, thats the technoloy bit. Kittiwakes at Rutland Water. A-Ha ! Now the instinct bit, me hair is all over the place, must be very windy. If its windy then must be a chance of seabirds at Draycote Water. Fine, decision made. However the whole thing falls apart if things change.
Firstly the technology is only as good as the data fed into it. So the 3 Kittiwakes at Rutland becomes 1 Kittiwake and no longer constitutes an influx. Cant they count up to 3 in Leicestershire, perhaps they all wear gloves being that bit closer to Siberia. Now at this point I feel I should include a disclaimer as I know, having lived there, that most people in Leicestershire have got a bloody good sense of humour probably something to do with the football team or making ladies tights, I dont know. Anyway no offence intended.

OK so the other part of the equation, the instinct bit, let me down as when I got to Draycote the wind had been downgraded to a strong breeze. No self respecting sea bird would be diverted from its true course in such conditions. So with no prospects of finding anything vaguely Paleagic it was more photos of Grebes and Divers with a nice Wheatear thrown in.

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