Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The search continues

Fresh Badger print, Brandon Marsh

Parasol Mushroom, Alvecote

Parasol Mushroom

Green Sandpiper, Brandon Marsh

Green Sandpiper

East Marsh pool, Brandon - an illustration of the lack of feeding habitat for many waders. Oh, and there is a Ruff in there somewhere.

Tuesday 24th August 2010

Despite the heavy overnight rain there was no evidence of any Migrant activity, in either the Grendon or Alvecote pools areas of North Warwickshire yesterday. There were a few Common Swift over Mill pool, Alvecote and Common tern were still feeding young. The wet and humid conditions of the past couple of days had brought out a number of species of Fungi though, including large Parasol mushrooms in the cow pastures to the south of Mill pool.

The continuing heavy showers as well as making the harvesting of cereal crops difficult is raising water levels at many wader sites in Warwickshire, reducing the amount of exposed mud and shingle, the preferred feeding grounds of many waders. The pools at Brandon Marsh are typical with only a thin fringe of shoreline round the edges of the pools and islands. Teal pool was completely flooded. A Ruff did drop in while I was there this morning but didnt stay long. A Hobby put in a brief appearance, leaving only a single Green Sandpiper in front of the Charlton hide to amuse the photographers.

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