Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Caldecote Walk

The Bushes - a likely spot for migrant birds next to the Coventry canal.

Chiffchaff, one of several migrants in the Bushes.

Common Buzzard, a familiar sight throughout Warwickshire

Leafy North Warwickshire

Caldecote, from the Coventry canal

Wednesday 25th August 2010

Spurred on by an innate drive to find more local birds and the fact that Jan was 'doing lunch' with her fitness friends at home I decided I had to go out. Somewhere, anywhere. Actually Jan's friends are all very nice and excellent company but...
Anyway I set off to do Coleshill and Shustoke but only got as far as Caldecote ( I think flexibility is important in Birding). The walk I usually do was good for Spring migrants so hopefully it would be equally good in the fall (I slipped that in for our American cousins). There are 5 areas along the walk.

The Sheep fields and Flood meadows: Swallows and House Martins gathering overhead with 2 Swift and a few Linnets at ground level.
The Bean fields: 12 Yellow Wagtails, Skylark
The Bushes - an area of short grass with scattered Hawthorn bushes. At last, one of the birds I'd always hoped to find here, a Common Redstart. ( I'll keep looking for the Wryneck) There were also a handful of Chiffchaff, a single Willow warbler and a juv. Whitethroat.
The Canal, nothing of note
The Stables, ditto

Having recieved a text from Steve Haynes saying that he had recently seen a variety of Migrants on the hills near Austrey on the Leicestershire border, I thought it might be worth a quick look before the persistant rain, forecast for the afternoon, arrived. In the event I only saw a Hobby but I really needed to give it more time. Again like Grendon it would be a spot worth keeping an eye on.

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