Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Curry Night

Tuesday 3rd August 2010

Spent a very pleasant evening with some D list celebs from the glamorous world of West Mids. Birding at a Curry house in Coleshill last night. Julian Allen a fast rising star of the local Blog scene with guest appearances and photocalls on such renowned blogs as Archies blog and Blurred Birding. In an exclusive interview held last night I can reveal he has had offers but he is happy to keep his amateur status at this time and is reluctant to say anything further as he considers his options. In an interesting twist, major concern was raised that further publicity might raise the interest of the paprazzi at a time when numbers of camouflaged cameras poking out of bushes at certain Midland reservoirs has already reached alarming proportions.
Tom Perrins, Bon viveur, extraordinaire. A man who knows a good curry when he eats one. What can I say that he hasn't already said. Tom, AKA 'The Voice of the Tame'- a quiet, unassuming young man yet one who has often flirted with controversy with his uncompromising opinions. It is rumoured that an award for services to Tame Valley Birding might be forthcoming in the future and certainly there has been support from others involved in BIS WORK (Birding Information Services) including the world famous LGRE.
And then theres Steve Cawthray, Mr Ladywalk. Recently released from the shackles what he losely called work to spend even more time maintaining and improving the Ladywalk reserve for the benefit of birds and birders alike. Yes a very pleasant evening indeed.

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