Friday, 6 August 2010

A bit of Ruff

Young Sparrowhawk, Brandon Marsh Nature reserve



6th August 2010

With the prospect of a full days Birding for a change a decision was needed - the Tame valley or Brandon Marsh with an option on Draycote Water if necessary. I opted for Brandon for no other reason than because I hadn't been there for a while. I was surprised that I had the place to myself as I wandered from hide to hide. At the Carlton Hide I had a bit of luck when a young Sparrowhawk landed on the 'Kingfisher pole' next to the hide. The Moorhen chicks disappeared but the single Green Sandpiper, a matter of a few metres away, froze and remained motionless for some time after the hawk had flown off. A Kingfisher did land on a post briefly sometime later. As I tried to take a couple of obligatory snaps the phone goes. Steve Cawthray had seen the Greenshank again between Fishers Mill and Middleton Hall. I still havent seen Greenshank in the County this year but I wasn't going to panic. Anyway I needed food so The Greenshank would have to wait. No Pork pies today though, a Morrison's Sandwich would have to suffice. There was no sign of the Greenshank at Fishers Mill when I did get there. I walked alongside the river with Geoff Williams after a good chat Geoff walked off in the direction of Staffordshire, while I stayed to focus on the Fishers Mill pools. As we went our separate ways we both heard the call of a Greenshank and 3 medium sized waders flew in and, after several attempts to land, dropped down not Greenshank though, Ruff (161).


  1. Very jealous of the Sparrowhawk shots!!!!!

  2. Hi Max, Luck me old mate, pure luck.Kath came into the hide a couple of minutes later and was not a happy bunny.