Friday, 27 August 2010

Waders at Draycote Water

Knot, Draycote Water



Black tailed Godwit with Redshank

Common tern on parade

Northern Wheatear

Whimbrel, one of two over the reservoir

Little Egret

Ringed Plover

Friday 27th August 2010
Went to Draycote Water on an impulse today which is the way most of my decision making works. I just thought that the Tame valley could well be flooded so opted to head east. It worked out well. About 100 House Martins were flying over the Country Park as I arrived. I walked round in an anticlockwise direction but Farborough and Toft banks had nothing except Pied Wagtails and 3 Little Egrets in the Gray's Barn area. There had been a juv. Turnstone and a couple of Dunlin earlier but no sign now. I met Francoise round the back, so to speak, who told me there was a Black tailed Godwit with some Redshank in Biggin Bay and sure enough when I got to Biggin Bay there they were. At the valve tower were 8 Common terns who posed for photos on the walkway. As walked up Draycote Bank I could see a group of what looked like birders in the distance, a fairly scruffy looking lot so chances were they were birders. As I approached they were obviously focussing their attention on something on the shoreline close to the Dam wall. I recognised Bob Hazel and was met with the words, no, not the usual greeting but, 'It's a Knot'. You beauty. Having just missed the previous bird at Draycote this Knot (164)was a very welcome addition to my County year list.

On Barn bank a single Wheatear was very confiding. As I rounded Rainbow corner I could hear the distinctive call of a Whimbrel, looking up a pair of Whimbrel were flying overhead calling continuously. They did a couple of circuits of Rainbow before disappearing in the direction of Toft bay. I waved furiously to Bob and his friend who were some way off but luckily they saw me and were able to get onto the birds. It was turning out to be quite a good day for waders but I wasn't quite finished. In the pools along Hensborough Bank Dave Hutton was watching a Ringed Plover and three juvenile Little ringed Plover. If you added the three Common Sandpipers dotted around the place it had been good wader day. I had another look along Farborough bank and saw 8 Yellow wagtails this time but again no sign of the Turnstone. So back to the car for a delicious, if belated lunch of Scotch egg, Crisps and plum.

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  1. What a difference a day makes, Bob! Crap day yesterday, then as I go back to work for three days, everything comes along! Nice images.