Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Private places

11th August 2010

Took my Dad for a bit of a walk around Canwell Hall near Sutton Coldfield today. I used to go there regularly for the Canwell show but it looked completely different with the Marquees and showing rings removed. Just parkland with some magnificent trees. Oaks, Sweet Chestnut and Beech in particular. Parkland often surrounding Stately homes is the best place to see trees. The trees can grow to their full potential being deliberately spaced out unlike most trees growing in woods or the remnants of woodland. Anyway we both enjoyed it and we didnt see another living sole. As for birdlife, Raven and Hobby were the most interesting species. On the way home had a quick look in at Kingsbury and saw a Peregrine over Cliff pool but no sign of the Mandarin there.

Folklore for Birders: Rule 7
Never pick Blackberries from below the height a dog can cock its leg !

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