Monday, 16 August 2010

Pork pies to Newcastle

Druridge Bay
Monday 16th August 2010

Just when you think its OK to plan a days shopping at Marks and Spencers, or repaper the landing or lay a patio in the garden something crops up to spoil it. In this case a Sykes' warbler in Northumberland. As it happened I found out too late on Sunday to do much about it, so Marks and Spencers was still a possibility until Neil Howes phoned me up early Monday morning to see if I was interested in going up straight away. ' just give me time to put some socks on and I'll be right with you' says I. Of course in all the excitement I'd forgotten about shopping, wallpapering and the various mindless pursuits I might have designated Monday 16th August for. Food, you cant go on an LDT unless youve got adequate supplies. I raided the emergency rations of Pork pie in the fridge. There was one left. I was glad I hadnt succumbed to the urge for a Sunday night Match of the Day supper special. So with the addition of a health supplement in the form of an Apple I was organised.
It was a regulation Twitch. Few hours drive north, short wait for decent views, couple of hours wait for better views which never came. Cup of coffee on route back, consume Pork pie and home for Tea. Job done.
Actually it was an enjoyable and satisfying day and we did get good vews of Syke's warbler albeit briefly, big thankyou to Neil for the phone call and the driving.