Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A day in the valley

With the wind gusting and with anything smaller than a sparrow keeping low in the vegetation a day checking out the Tame valley wetlands seemed like a plan. On the way I played 'Count the Jays' which could catch on as an alternative to I-Spy on car journeys. Starting off at Shustoke I worked my way north with stops at Coton, Kingsbury Water Park and Fisher's Mill. The wind blew the sun shone but no birds to note. So I'm reduced to Doggy stories. After a confrontation with a Rottweiller at Draycote yesterday I had another jumping up incident at Canal pool. Both dogs were on leads which was just as well or I might be decorating some path being squabbled over by an assortment of Corvids. Had I not displayed the speed and agility of an Olympic gymnast that may well have been the outcome. Funny part of today's incident was that the bloke on the other end of the lead remarked that it was alright because 'he was only a puppy'. Oh thats all right then ! The fact that 'the puppy' was the size of a small horse and beyond 'close control' even on a lead was irrelevant.I really do like dogs but only the intelligent, well behaved kind.
I nearly forgot, as I got back to the car at Broomey Croft I was amused by the antics of two other dog owners who had their dog on the end of one of those leads you can let out or bring in. Anyway the owner had not been paying attention and allowed the dog too much rope,quite literally as the dog had gone through a wire fence where two goats were grazing near the children's farm. As the owner tried to reel in his pet pooch the lead got more and more tangled in the fence but happily it was eventually sorted out with no stress to the animals involved. The things you see!

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