Friday, 5 October 2012

Birding Eygpt, The last leg

Crested Tern, Suez
We flew back to Cairo for the last stage of our tour of Egypt. The traffic was still chaotic and it took us some time to reach our various birding sites. Our first destination was the Suez canal. We drove along close to the shoreline looking for birds. Our security guard and driver did a good job when we did come across a group of terns.As we stood on the side of the road scanning for terns they shielded us as lorries hurtled past with horns blaring. We also stopped at a partially built hotel complex when we saw some Terns on a rocky outcrop. The terns we were particularly looking for were Crested tern and there were several of them together with a number of Caspian terns.
Crested Tern
The group stopped at a Hotel for lunch which gave an opportunity to explore the gardens, but the only birds of interest were a juvenile Red backed Shrike,Steppe Buzzard and our only Sedge warbler of the trip.
Red backed Shrike, juv.
Honey Buzzard, juv.
On our way back to Cairo we made a couple of short stops for roadside birds including Mourning Wheatear and Southern grey Shrike.
 Mourning Wheatear
Southern grey Shrike
Southern grey Shrike

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