Thursday, 11 October 2012

Quite Highs and not very lows

Ruddy Shelduck, Ladywalk N.R.
Been trying to find birds locally, in flood meadows, Caldecote and higher ground around the Merevale estate. Atherstone. Not hugely successful but decent flocks of Chaffinch in the stubble and small flocks of Lesser Redpoll, Goldfinch and Siskin around Legion Wood, Grendon.Yesterday's effort was interupted by a Spoonbill at Ladywalk which I attempted to go and see. Missed it by 5 mins apparently. A Ruddy Shelduck dropped in but apart from the build up of winter ducks it was the same as everywhere else - quiet. Had a bit of a purple patch today though, almost exciting in fact with 2 Peregrines, 2 Ravens and a few Common Buzzard in the air at the same time at Merevale. A Swallow was also seen over the wood. Groups of Skylarks got up from the stubble fields before dropping down and becoming invisible again. Impossible to estimate numbers. Also 3 small flocks of Redwing were seen in flight over the area.

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