Wednesday, 24 October 2012

At least it didn't rain - much

Grey Wagtail, Draycote Water
Grey Wagtail
ok, recent posts have been a bit boring to say the least so why buck the trend? Today was nearly interesting, indeed very interesting if you like counting Tufted Ducks and Meadow pipits. I spent the morning at Draycote Water, indeed I spent the morning walking round the reservoir so if I didnt find any birds at least I got some much needed exercise out of it. Apart from Tufted duck, Coot and Meadow pipits I saw: 1 Pochard,1 Goldeneye and 2 Rock pipits and no Birders. Like I said, I got some exercise. To make it more of an outing I went for a coffee at the Golf range (very reasonable) and went back for more. You never know something might appear from the gloomy skies. It is October for goodness sake. It didnt appear, at least not until I was well on my way back to a commitment in the afternoon. A Brent goose turned up mid afternoon. Aint it the way?
Meadow Pipit
Meadow Pipit

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