Monday, 8 October 2012

The Crab Plover- the Red Sea, Egypt

Crab Plover, Wadi Lahmi, Red sea
Absolutely dying to get back to some good, honest, old fashioned West Mids blogging after exploring the outer reaches of the Western P. but there aint alot to blog about. I fluked a Red Kite over Nuneaton and had the odd Peregrine sighting but thats it. Couple of Redwing here few Meadow pipits there, but its generally kinda quiet. I have been trying, very trying I hear you say, Local spots, Caldecote, Alvecote, Austry and Burton Hastings but as I said not much doing at the moment. So I'm reduced to dragging out the last few shots from Egypt but it does happen to be my favourite bird of the trip.
Crab plover with juvenile
Crab plover
Crab plover, not just crabs
Crab plover


  1. These are stunning Bob and are on our list of 'must see's'. Sue