Saturday, 6 October 2012

Birding Egypt - Abassa

Our final full days birding was a bit frustrating. We headed north from Cairo to Abassa where we walked round the cultivated fields and fish ponds looking for Senegal Coucal. We saw three species of Kingfisher, a Little Bittern, and a Streaked Weaver but no sign of the Coucal although a few of the group had the briefest of glimpses of what may have been that species. An extensive search which included sending some of the local lads into the densest cover came to no avail. We headed back to see the wonders of ancient Egypt in the form of the Pyramids and the Sphinx where we managed to get another puncture.The puncture proved no inconveience as a replacement coach turned up while we were having a very pleasant lunch in a walled garden and the obligatory visit to a perfume shop.We hadnt seen too many birds but at least we ended the day smelling nice!
White breasted Kingfisher, Abassa
Plain Tiger
Streaked Weaver
One of the Pyramids
The Sphinx

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