Thursday, 8 October 2009

Another day another dip.

8th October 2009
John Terry and I set off in the early hours to be at Kilnsea at dawn. The aim of this particular mission was to see a Baillon's Crake. Now some people think its an easy life being a birder, swanning off at the drop of a hat to gawd knows where, eating Mega breakfasts and socialising all over the place. Well sometimes its like that but sometimes it aint. Standing on a bank at dawn with a cold wind at your back a couple of yards from the north sea with only Moorhens to look at for 2 hours can become tedious. All of which is forgotten in an instant if the subject of your vigil finally decides to show itself, but if it dont...
Having given up on the Crake I wandered down to the Warren. By 10.30am the day had brightened and there was wall to wall blue sky. It was clear there were not many birds about at all. A few Skylarks and Meadow Pipits flew over, but the bushes were empty. The ringers were busy as a whole flock of Tree Sparrows hit the nets. I would have liked to have spent the rest of the day wandering about in the sunshine but unfortunately John had commitments at home so time was limited. It was high tide and we were treated to spectacular flying displays by thousands of assorted waders. Not having been to the east coast for some time I stood in amazement but I guess you never tire of such displays even if you see them everyday. Knot were the main group but numbers of Bar tailed Godwit, Redshank, Dunlin were also impressive. Small groups of Brent Geese flew across the Humber estuary but little else was noted except a Little Owl near Sammy's.

So 3-1 to the Baillon's

1995 Stithians Res. Dip
1999 Grove Ferry Dip
1999 Grove Ferry Score
2009 Kilnsea Dip

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