Monday, 26 October 2009

Much ado....again

' Up, up, and away in my beautiful Balloon'

Jack and Jill (John)

Birds eye view

Monday 26th October 2009

You can tell Ive had a pretty ordinary day when all I can offer are shots of sunsets, people, Long tailed Tits and Hot-air Balloons. Garden watch produced a small flock of Greenfinch, which was nice. Fishers Mill had a Garganey and alot of people. Bassett pools had a Ringed plover, alot of Lapwing and no people. ASDA had alot of people but the coffee is cheap.
I then tried to find Branston gravel pits and didn't even get close. Just as I was giving it up as a bad job a pager message told me the Black throated Diver hadn't been seen anyway.

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