Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Retern to Shustoke

Arctic tern - Shustoke reservoir

Arctic tern

Arctic tern

Young Moorhen

No comment
Clear enough !

Possible Scaup

Green Sandpipers - Cliff pool, Kingsbury

Kingfisher - Cliff pool

Tuesday 6th October 2009

I've been having a little chunter as I did the rounds today. First chunter was the cost of replacing a wing nut off my Tripod at Focus Optics, still I can't do without one and its cheaper than getting a new tripod with clamps that dont fall off in the boot of someones car. Not too many birds about so no distractions as I wandered about having a quiet chunter to myself. Mind you I did ask for it, going back to the scene of yesterdays moan, Shustoke Res. It was raining though so I thought it might be a little quieter and so it was. I bumped into Pete Forbes who was working on the same theory. The Arctic tern was still there but nothing new except a rather forlorn Gallinule species.
The rain stopped and the dogs returned. I do like dogs, honest but as in most things its the few thoughtless owners that create the problem. (see photos). A coffee at the Cedars and a check up on the reports of the Villa match last night and then on to Coton for 2 party sized Pork pies and an apple. If thats not healthy eating I dont know what is. Nothing much doing on the lakes so on to the Water Park. More chuntering about the erosion of the Nature reserve. On Cliff pool a suspicious looking duck demands attention. It looks good for a female Scaup but its too distant and with no scope and no chance of taking a snap its impossible to be 100%. Also seen were 2 Green Sandpipers, a Kingfisher, Sparrowhawk and a few Common Snipe.

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  1. Couldn't agree more Bob with the dog comments, why do owners of dogs love to throw them into the nearest available water?
    Here in Leicestershire it has reached numpty level and at the moment its a waste of time checking the local patch due to the bloody dog walkers!!