Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A day without birds is like........

Tuesday 20th October 2009

A domestic sort of day, and not before time I hear you say. Well I wimped out of the early morning shift at Shustoke, and then wimped out of everything else as the clouds darkened and the rains fell. I did manage to pick up a few more leaves though before the rain descended. As birders we love a good easterly blow in autumn but there is a down side. It means that all the leaves from my neighbours Ash tree fall in my garden and not his. Work ,work, work. And another thing - if your not careful with Ash leaves you end up picking 5 leaves instead of one?
The day started badly really as I was all psyched up for a quick early morning pre rain twitch to Cossington meadows, Leics. Pork pie chilled in the fridge, Hula hoops packed and ready to go, camera batteries charged, Sat Nav tuned all it needed was the Go, go, go from the pager but the Little Bittern couldn't wait, just like the Stilt Sandpiper at Rutland Water which couldn't wait another 20 minutes. Leicestershire birds are so impatient.

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