Monday, 12 October 2009

Whose being Scilly

Jay - Cliff pool, Kingsbury W.P.

Monday 12th October 2009
Bit of a rush job tonight getting this posted before the second session of Corrie. So would you believe it Warwickshire is the new Shetland. I bet birders on Scilly were queing up to get on planes, boats, helicopters, surf boards to twitch Middleton. At least they would have done if the Blackpoll warbler hadn't been gazumped by the Brown Shrike in Surrey. I must say I dont know anything about the possible Blackpoll warbler apart from what my pager tells me. So I'm not going to comment or speculate but I recall seeing my first Blackpoll warbler at Dane's dyke near Flamborough. Several people were calling directions, trying to put others on to the Blackpoll when Tony Shepherd calmly replied d'you mean that Siskin whereupon it went rather quiet. We did see the Blackpoll later on fortunately.
Today I shall be mostly looking in bushes,and sallows and trees. Today I didnt find anything, perhaps tomorrow will be better. I walked round Grendon common in the morning and Kingsbury water Park late afternoon. 3 Siskin at Grendon but Cliff pool was rather more productive with a pair of Pintail, Wigeon, a pair of Stonechat, Kingfisher, Redshank and Green Sandpiper.

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