Friday, 2 October 2009

Lesser Scaup at Draycote Water

Lesser Scaup - Draycote water

Lesser Scaup

Lesser Scaup in Tufted Duck flock

Rock pipit


Captions please !

Although Orkney and Shetland seem to be the places to be this weekend, good old Warks is doing its best with a couple of headliners. An eclipse drake Lesser Scaup was found by Bob Hazel and photographed by Dave Hutton yesterday at Draycote Water, to go with the Aquatic warbler. Draycote water is becoming a favourite venue for wintering Nearctic ducks. The Lesser Scaup was embedded with a flock of Tufties off the Gray's Barn shoreline spending all the time I was there asleep only lifting its head a couple of times when Mallards landed close by. A walk round the rest of the reservoir only produced a single Rock pipit on Toft Bank and a couple of Vapourer moths.


  1. Warwickshire police are looking for two joy riders that abandonded two stolen buggies at Dracote Water, "we are looking for two people on sticks or walk with a limp", said a spokesman for the police, however we are not ruling out that they may have been eaten by a Great Skua on Saturday afternoon, but can't find any credable evidence to support this theory.

  2. Cheers Martyn, might have known you'd come up with something.Happy birdin'