Thursday, 22 October 2009

Much ado

Birder's Lunch - high Masterchef rating for presentation ?

Meadow pipit - Draycote Water

Meadow pipit

Meadow pipit
Wednesday 21st October 2009
We can't complain, we've had some good birds locally and one or three goodies nationally if you count Scotland and beyond. On the other hand when its been quiet this Autumn its been very quiet. Wader passage has been spasmodic to none existent in Warwickshire. I went to Draycote Water in the vain hope of seeing a Sanderling but the pager message was less than helpful and not very encouraging, but when you are desperate for County year ticks you'll clutch at any straw. I dont mind Draycote in mid week though. Despite what I've said about its management, at the end of the day it is one of the best birding venues in Warks. So there was the chance of something 'dropping in'. In the event it didnt but I got a bit of excercise and worked up an apetite for my Pork pie lunch. The only new birds in were 4 Goldeneye, and the recently harrowed fields near the inlet had a variety of flocks of Meadow pipits, Skylarks with a few Yellowhammer and Chaffinch mixed in. Only becoming apparent when flushed by a Sparrowhawk.
Next venue was Brandon Marsh. I needed some info for a Blog project for next year and I must say the ladies at reception were most helpful. I looked in the hides briefly. There was no sign of the reported Jack Snipe but plenty of Common Snipe dotted about and a single Green Sandpiper.
The final venue for the day was Shustoke Res. for the gull roost. A possible Franklin's Gull had been in the roost the previous two nights. With very poor light the few observers had been unable to clinch the ID so with good light and a gathering flock of birders hopes were high that the ID could be sorted out if the bird turned up again. It didn't.


  1. Great Meadow Pipit captures!!

  2. Ooooo blog project, give us a clue then!

  3. Hi Martyn, I'm afraid you will have to wait, but I shouldn't get too excited. Make sure you look after that tan!