Sunday, 25 October 2009

The weekend after.....

25th October 2009
After the excitement in the week the weekend has been somewhat subdued. In fact I haven't been out at all really. Priority was of course adding 1 to all my lists which took most of Saturday. It took me far less time to process all the photos I'd taken up north. So I've been reduced to a Garden watch while I attempted to tidy up the garden. And whats more at precisely 10.30am on Saturday the wind direction changed from easterly to westerly and then South westerly and becoming almost cyclonic on Sunday. The significance of this meteorological info is that my neighbours leaves are now falling in his garden where they belong and not mine.
Anyway, a pair of Skylarks flew over the garden calling this morning and my first local flock, C100 of Golden plover were seen over fields next to the A5 halfway between The Longshoot and the Royal Red Gate. Also an aberrant Kestrel looking like a miniture male Hen Harrier in general colouration was seen next to A5 near MIRA.

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