Sunday, 9 May 2010

At last a Shore bird in North Warks.

Sunday 9th May 2010

A little bit of real birding late today after a day of family commitments. Fortunately I didn't need the Oriental Prat. so a relatively relaxed day until Pete Forbes contacted me to say there was a Grey Plover (149) at Coleshill G.Ps. Dinner was put on hold as I made my way to Coleshill. A crowd of 3 quickly assembled to see this very infrequent visitor th Warks. Aliens from Staffs and the West Mids in the shape of Martyn Yapp and Julien Allen arrived and were heartily welcomed. Well they do more birding in Warks than most Warks birders. Tom and Steve Cawthray were also present to admire the plover in close to full summer plummage. The bird was continually harassed by Lapwings and finally flew to an inaccessible pool for some peace and quiet.

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