Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Just imagine

Waved Umber, Garden

Scalloped Hazel, Garden

Pale Tussock

Lime Hawk moth

Clouded Silver

Funny old day really. Never really got into me birding. Had an extended walk from Caldecote to Hartshill. Didnt see much on route with Kingfisher, Yellow wagtail and Linnet being the most noteworthy birds. At one point my imagination took over when a Mini bus apparently full of women drove into a field ahead of me followed by an estate car. There were no roads or even tracks as the vehicles disappeared ahead of me and were lost to view behind bushes and trees. What were they up to in the middle of nowhere? I caught a glimpse of the group again, at first I thought they might be planning some sort of Amateur film making session. I was minding my own business you understand but I did notice through the binoculars that one or two people were carrying bits of important looking bits of paper and a certain amount of pointing was going on. I was intrigued in a casual sort of way. Was whatever they were doing worth wrecking the suspensions on 2 vehicles for? Then it dawned on me - they might be local government officials looking at proposals for new rights of way in the area. That would account for the large number of people involved, the paper and the casual approach to car welfare. Yes, ticks all the boxes, the puzzle was solved. I continued on my merry way imagination on stand by mode.

With not many birds to photograph I've included a few shots of some of the moths around this week.
P.S. Lucky bugger of the week award goes to Steve Cawthray who had a Honey Buzzard fly over his head at Shustoke Res. this evening.

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