Monday, 24 May 2010

Woodcock at last

Monday 24th May 2010

At the fifth attempt I finally managed to see a roding Woodcock (153) at Bentley Woods. I go every year, stand in the same place, same time in mid May and watch and listen to the birds fly over. This year it was hard work, I dont know why, maybe the cold weather up till now. Anyway flushed with success I ventured forth to the Tame valley via various locations to look for Spotted Flycatchers. News of 4 wader type birds at the Drayton Bassett pits meant aborting the Flycatcher search and heading off north to the Badlands. At Middleton I dutifully followed the new Woodland trail before checking out the Fishers Mill pits. It didnt take long so I moved over the border to discover the delights of the North end of the RSPB reserve. I met Geoff Williams on the way who said there had been a 'fall' of waders on the Drayton Bassett pits. I must explain at this point that any number of birds over 1 is considered to be a fall in the Tame valley. So a total of new 12 birds of 3 different species must be considered a Mega fall. I was greeted by John Harris who had found one Sanderling and a Ruff. The Ruff was in fine breeding plummage but the Sanderling was proving elusive amonst the mounds of earth in the centre of the scrap. There were also several Ringed Plovers. We eventually pinned down the Sanderling.
Finally congratulations to Tom and Cheryl on the birth of their daughter today Best wishes to all the family.

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