Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Ryton Woods,Warwickshire

Wood White, Ryton Woods

Green Hairstreak

Common Blue

Grizzled Skipper

Dingy Skipper

Wednesday 26th May 2010
Visited Ryton Woods managed by the Warwickshire Wildlfe Trust and the adjacent Ryton Woods meadows, a Butterfly Conservation project. The main aim was to see a Wood White which have always eluded me in the past. I was fortunate to meet up with Mo and Terry Southgate, we eventually found a single Wood white and many other species of Butterfly on the fringes of the meadow area.
The plan was to then visit Brandon Marsh after a cup of tea at Morrisons. Half way through my cuppa I got a call from Mick Doughty about a pair of summer plummaged Black necked Grebes at Draycote Water. On arrival Draycote was strangely quiet, no birders and very few people around at all. I walked to the valve tower- no sign of the Grebes. I walked back and on to Toft, again no sign of the Black necked Grebes. Apart from the regular birds I only saw a couple of Yellow Wagtails and about 50 Common Swift. I'd got a bit of exercise which is always a good thing but it was frustrating not knowing where the birds had been seen. Its good that people take the trouble to put out information on interesting birds but at a place like Draycote with no vehicular access the information needs to be a bit more specific than just Draycote Water. Ok birds fly around but a location would give you a starting point and save a lot of shoe leather. On the drive home I saw another Hobby hawking over the junction of Nutts Lane and the A5.


  1. I guess if you had phoned one of the recorders about it you would have saved a walk and got the birds!

  2. I know,I know, my fault as usual. Nice images on the website.