Sunday, 18 July 2010

Another day another Franklin's

Franklin's Gull in flight over Chasewater reservoir, Staffs.

Franklins Gull

Chasewater reservoir, Staffs.

Sunday 18th July 2010

As the Franklin's gull at Chasewater was picked up alot earlier than on Thursday or Friday I popped over to have a look yesterday. I thought there might have been more people there than was the case but there were a few familar faces about. The bird was distant and in the heat haze difficult to see well. It also spent most of its time asleep again which didnt help. Eventually a few of us moved round to 'the balcony'. It wasnt any closer but the sun was more behind us so we got much more satisfactory views with the bird side on. I've included a couple of images to illustrate the sort of view most people got. Apparently the bird came on to the small pool near the car park but unfortunately I was long gone by then. There were also up to 5 Yellow legged gulls amongst the Lesser black backs and a single Common Sandpiper on the shoreline.

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