Thursday, 29 July 2010

Hop Gun saves the day

Young Garden warbler : one of the highlights of a walk around Coton pools yesterday.

Garden warbler



All the images above were taken around Coton pools.

Being a Birder in Warwickshire can often be a lonely vigil. Seeking out the less common species from every scrap of habitat it is easy to slip into a fantasy world of rarities and exotic locations. Even Kingsbury Water Park can seem like the upper reaches of the Orinoko or the Everglades. It is only the almost total lack of birds that brings you crashing back to reality. An Oystercatcher was the best Cliff pool had to offer and with the constant threat of rain there were few Dragonflys or Butterflys on show.
I visited Sutton Park in the hope that there might be a few migrants on the move but again there was little of great interest although a flock of 20+ Greenfinches, mainly Juveniles, was noteworthy.
So when all else fails Thursdays can provide the frustrated birder with the solace of a decent pint at the Church end Brewery. Tonight one of my favourite beers; Hop Gun was on offer and with the coversation ranging from such weighty topics as the Severn Valley Railway, old light bulbs, the cast of Are you being Served reality asserted itself once more.

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