Friday, 30 July 2010

Good Day

Song Thrush - garden

- a contradition in terms ?

Dunlin, Mill pool - Alvecote

Juvenile Common Tern, Alvecote

Red crested Pochard, Middleton Lake

30th July 2010

The day started well with a garden rarity, a Song Thrush. Not exactly going to set the pulse racing but a very infrequent visitor to my garden unfortunately.
I stopped at the tip at Grendon on route to Alvecote, one of the signs caught my eye, the waste disposal operative and re-cycling consultant stood open mouthed as I took a photo. At Mill pool, Alvecote I found an adult Dunlin (157) in almost full breeding plummage, Yipee. Doesn't take much to get me excited these days. I also counted 12 Common terns, adults and juveniles. Had a quick look at Swan Lake, Coton before moving on to the Cedars cafe for lunch. Its not a posh place. You can read The Sun while your eating your meal. Which is what most people do judging from the Baked bean juice dripping from the corners of the papers. I did notice though that according to Sun sources Harry Rednapp was willing to swap the entire Spurs first team for Ashley Young. I may have got that slightly wrong because I dont take my glasses with me on Birding trips.
After a hearty Turkey and salad sandwich Middleton Lake was the next port of call. The long staying 5 Green Sandpipers were still there but there was a surprise in the form of a pair of female Red crested Pochard. There wasn't much at Fishers Mill or KWP.
The total No of species reported in Warwickshire so far this year now stands at - 181


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