Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Wednesday 14th July 2010

Found myself at Mill pool, Alvecote having a bit of a gander. A small herd of young cows stood guard at the fence but there was no problem walking through them quietly. I walked on in an 'I'm cool', sort of a way. Should have been a vet really. Anyway as I walked on I became aware I wasnt alone. The whole bloody flock/herd were following. I turned and gave them a bog off sort of look but I wasn't getting through. In fact as the beasts at the back pushed through to see what was going on they continued to get closer. I tried to ignore them and scan the muddy edges of Teal pool. A juvenile Little ringed Plover stood stationary, as I watched I felt a little nudge in my back I turned again and looked at the culprit. Luckily the young Bullock lowered its head and backed off but I'd had enough. I moved to the other side of the hedge. Out of sight they quickly lost interest and I continued my stroll. A Hobby flew over at hedge height and 3 Common terns flew lazily over the water. A flock of Sand Martin appeared out of nowhere and disappeared again after a few seconds and that was it.
Moving on to an area just outside Warton on the Austrey road an adult Little Owl flew in front of me and landed in an adjacent tree. Nice to see them still in the area as I hadn't seen them for over a year in what had been a reliable site. Several Yellowhammers brightened the walk alongside Wheat and Rape fields but the only other birds of note were Stock Dove, Common Buzzard, Reed Bunting, Greenfinch and another Little Owl this time a juvenile.


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  2. A little owl! Awesome, would love to see one of those bad boys. I am a birder in worcestershire. We should link up (i've added you to my links). My photos are crap quality because I can't afford a decent camera but there are some gems ('some' being the apposite word).

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