Tuesday, 27 July 2010

False Start

Tuesday 27th July 2010
Got a bit excited when I recieved news from Tom Perrins and Dave Hutton that there was an adult Sabine's Gull at Draycote Water. I'd just completed my tasks for the morning in town when the news came through so I just had to pick up the camera and off we set. The gull had been found by Richard Mays and Bob Hazel, regular Draycote birders who have found a good number of A list birds over the years. I'd reached the end of our road when the dreaded second message came through saying the bird had flown. So the excitement was short lived but at least I hadn't travelled to find out it had gone. Thanks to whoever for getting the news out so quickly of the birds arrival and departure. Saved quite a few gallons. Sabines gulls are very paleagic and inland records usually associated with Autumn gales. This was an exceptional record for Warwickshire, just a pity its visit was so brief.

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