Saturday, 10 July 2010

White tailed Plover in Gloucestershire

White tailed Plover, from Zeiss hide - Slimbridge, Gloucs.

White tailed Plover

View from Zeiss hide

Saturday 10th July 2010

My main motivation in going down to Slimbridge yesterday was to add another species to my 'Midlands list' and to hopefully get a closer look at this delightful bird than I got at Caelaverock. I hadnt picked up the message till early afternoon so I'd anticipated a bit of a wait at the Zeiss hide. I'd also been mislead by 'showing well' and went for camera rather than 'scope. Big mistake. I should have realised that at Slimbridge anything that can be seen and is closer than Wales is 'showing well'. In the event I needn't have worried about viewing from the hide there was was plenty of room and I got excellent views of the plover thanks to a couple of guys who let me use their scopes.

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