Saturday, 17 July 2010

Franklin's Gull v Goats Milk

Saturday 17th July 2010
I was tempted, I have to say I was tempted. I was nearly seduced. I dare say if it was going to be the first time I would probably have given in to my instincts and gone. Theres something comfortable though about the old routine, so it would have to be something special to pull me away. Quite Frankly a Franklin's Gull in Staffs just wasnt special enough. Great bird for the West Mids. dont get me wrong, and if news had come out an hour earlier I'd have been there like a shot, but at 6.30pm on a Thursday I'm halfway through my first pint of Goat's Milk at the Church End Brewery enjoying the banter of the Thursday club. A motley crue but like minded citizens who enjoy a good pint and wide ranging conversation. Actually it should be called the Thursday and most Fridays club cos the same thing happened on Friday. Inconsiderate these gulls going to roost in the early evening.

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