Monday, 6 December 2010


Monday 6th December 2010

It was a lovely day when I left home, seemed a good idea to see if I could find any birds in the Tame valley. Wrong, by the time I'd got past Atherstone it was 'orrible. After checking the Rowans in Grendon I carried on in the hope visibility would improve, it didnt. I sat in the hide at Coton with Paul Hyde and looked out at grey, just grey. The water, what you could see of it was grey, it merged into the fog/mist which was also grey. Occasionally we lifted our bins as a dark shape drifted by - Coot. 4 Bullfiches and a Robin did their best to brighten the scene but they were fighting a losing battle. I left Paul to give Shustoke a try, I needed the walk. You could just about make out the edge of the ice so there was the chance of seeing a wagtail or a wader. In fact there were both. First a Redshank, then a solitary Dunlin and then a Grey Wagtail. Joy.
As my route back took me close to Hurley I saw a group of smallish geese flying away.Unfortunately they kept going and so did I. By the time I got to Bentley Woods it was a beautiful day again. The trees looked fantastic covered in frost and I enjoyed the walk although there were very few birds to be seen.

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