Thursday, 2 December 2010

Pink footed Geese near Alvecote, Warks.

Thursday 2nd December 2010

Haven't been able to do much during the past week for various reasons I wont bore you with but managed a couple of hours this morning to check out the sighting of 4 Pink footed Geese near Alvecote pools. They had been tagging along with a flock of Canadas in an area next to the river Anker near the M42 bridge. Finding the Canadas was easy enough but the Pink feet (182) kept their distance from the main flock and took a little longer to locate. I only saw 4 birds but Steve Haynes had 6 later in the day. Anyway thanks to whoever for finding them in the first place and putting out the info. Another of last winters misses clawed back. The 'early' winter could yet be a blessing in diguise
With the addition of Water pipit today, the number of species reported in Wawickshire this year now stands at : 202

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