Thursday, 16 December 2010

Making the effort

Thursday 16th December

The weather forecast was spot on; rain, followed by sleet followed by snow. I stuck out the rain bit in the hide at Coton. It was drier than trapesing round Dosthill but only just. I heard a Cetti's, saw a Willow tit and a pair of Goosander and that was it. I checked out the Gulls from the relative comfort of my car at the Water Ski centre but no sign of the recent Glaucous gull. I pondered as I scanned through the flocks I could see for the n'th time whether the improved car access to the centre was such a good thing. Sure it was very useful for lazy birders like me to do a bit in lousy weather but it must surely increase the number of dogs being walked and allowed to roam over the mounds. Just a thought.
By the time the rain had changed to sleet and snow I was back home getting Christmas decorations out of the loft and doing a bit of baby sitting, preparing the evening curry and looking foward to watching the highlights of the Test match. I just wish it wasn't on quite so late but you've got to make the effort. I might even fit in a pint at the Church End Brewery if the weather isnt too bad.

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