Tuesday, 14 December 2010

To list or not to list.

Tuesday 14th December 2010

Well, where to start? Theres not much point in telling you good folk what I haven't seen or what I haven't managed to get a stunning image of, but blogging is not just for Christmas its a lifelong commitment or until I get fed up of doing it. No I'll have to find something to prattle on about. I have been after certain 'target' species in the last week, for my list you understand, and seen precisely zilch. I've looked at miles of hedges, loads of fields full of gulls even managed an hour checking the gull roost at Draycote and come up with absolutely nothing. When your bird of the day is a Curlew closely followed by a Goldcrest is there any point in telling the world about it? Raven, dont forget to tell them about the Raven at Lawford Heath. No, the trouble is when you focus on seeing particular species a) you get disappointed if you dont see them and b) you miss out on seeing what else is about on your local patch.
So tomorrow I shall be mostly doing birding of a general nature. That is if it dont rain or hail or snow or flood too much.


  1. You could always just make up some good local birds, not too rare but rare enough to make people think you are a top notch Warwickshire birder. Well thats what some other bloggers do don't they ?!!! ;-)

  2. Especially just before dusk and as "flyovers"!

  3. Now now, I'm not going to get drawn into all that guys, but you do sometimes wonder I must admit.