Tuesday, 28 December 2010

White fronted Geese near Kingsbury

White fronted Geese, part of a flock of 55 birds with Canada geese in fields along Bodymoor Heath Lane, Kingsbury, North Warks.

White fronted Geese

Pink footed Goose with Canadas

White fronted Geese

Tuesday 28th December 2010

A dull, damp, windless day but much milder than of late. My family had dispersed so in theory it was birding time again BUT there were still things needing to be done so as the fog closed in mid afternoon I was resigned to not doing any birding for another day. That was until Jan alerted me to the fact that my redundant mobile was ringing somewhere in the house. I located the phone but missed the call. When I realised it was none other than TP himself I was spurred into action. There were 55 White fronted geese with the Berwicks swans at Bodymoor Heath, Kingsbury. Did I have enough time before dusk? Well, we'd just have to see wouldnt we. Paul Hyde who found the White fronts, and Steves, Haynes and Cawthray were on site when I got there. Excellent, nice to see a flock of White fronted geese (184) like that in the County along with the Bewicks and a single Pink footed Goose. I'm indebted to Tom Perrins for taking the trouble to phone to check I'd picked up the original message which I hadn't. Cheers Tom I owe you one.

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